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About Us

College at a glance

Very recently in the current year, Takshila College of Education has come into shape at Abdur Rahmanpur, Hinduni, as a Muslim Minority Institution managed by  “Presentation Educational & Welfare Society”, Gulistan Mohalla, Naya Tola, Phulwari Sharif, Patna, registered by Govt. of Bihar having Registration No.-477/2009-10. National Council for Teachers’ Education has  been pleased to give recognition to this college through ERC Bhubneshwar, Oddissa, vide their letter No. ERC /7-136.6.30/NCTE/B.Ed/2012 13364 dated 18/8/2012. “Presentation Educational & Welfare Society” has keen interest in the field of Education.  The serious concern and effort of the college named above is to help in the development of the whole person so as to be fully developed human, true Indian, and a considerate modern.

          Right education leads to liberation and real learning is excellence of wealth to preserve peace and maintain the program in every sphere of life, Education plays vital role and places where it is imparted are the right seed beds for character & culture along with fate of the nation because from there come out the scholars, patriots philosophers, scientist and so an and determine the progress of the nation.

The location of this college is 10 KM west from Patna Junction Railway station, 2.5 KM east from Danapur, Divisional Railway station and 4.5 KM south from Phulwari Sharif, Railway Station. Three wheelers and City Buses are regularly available.

         The main objective of the college is the integral growth of the male & the female trainees through integral pedagogy, context, reflection, action and evaluation to be well motivated and well qualified teachers would be intellectually competent morally high socially committed & spiritually inspired. Further it aims at promoting values such as respect for common cultural heritage, egalitarianism, democracy, secularism, equality of sexes, protection of environmental pollution, removal of social barriers, responsible use of mass media, transparency and every probability in private and public life, maintenance of family norms, national unity and respect for religions and moral values.

          In addition to all these the college aims at conducting in service program for teachers and administrators already working in college to develop the necessary skills of modern I.T. and innovate practices. This college undertakes research in relevant education fields. 

Recognition Letter of Takshila

Affiliation Notification Of Takshila College